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Technologies for Health

TECHEA Project – Technologies for healt

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Different hiTEC tools can be developed in order to take care of citizen heath, going from sensors for well-being and food quality to therapeutic instruments to counteract lethal diseases. Optical, laser and radiation technologies are involved in the design and realization of innovative prototypes.

To this respect at the TECFIS division of ENEA Frascati Research Centre a new project recently started with the purpose to bring close to commercialization prototypes relying on most mature technologies. In a three-year time scale the following realization are planned:

  1. Two miniaturized laser spectroscopic system for field application on the topic of food-security, where laser photo-acoustic detection will be implemented in the near IR. First prototype for a fast screening on the shelf on commercial food products, in order to identify adulterants or degradation products. Second prototype for in-line quality control of food-products during their transformation chain, prior to commercialization of derivatives.
  2. Development and optimization of a dedicated self-shielded device for treatment of breast cancer in prone position. It consists of a small rotating source of photon beam based on a miniaturized 3 MeV electron accelerator placed under a dedicated table. The patient’s bed, suitably designed to screen the body from the underlying accelerator, will be realized with a circular opening through which the breast hangs down. This arrangement decreases the delivered dose to organs at risk such as lung and heart, and allows a more high and precise dose on the desired target.
  3. Novel radiation detectors based on photoluminescence of lithium fluoride for clinical dosimetry, especially suitable to be used in combination with proton beams for radio-therapy. Wearable systems mainly based on fiber optics technologies to monitor patients body small movements and functions during different activities (e.g. sports) or medical diagnostics (NMR) and radiotherapy.